Hi there.

I’m starting out a blog to stave off boredom and be able to understand, sort, and map out the different ideas that I encounter through books, films, youtube videos, art shows, and so on.

This fascination with ideas started way back in college. That time, I was introduced to various theoretical works from the arts and humanities—some we took up during class, others I read about during my own free time. This was quite an eye-opener for me, for it showed how theoretical knowledge can help deepen one’s understanding and perception of reality. However I was by no means adept at reading and understanding dense theoretical works. This continues until today. Heidegger still makes me want to throw something at a wall. I have fallen asleep over excerpts of Das Kapital.

I have been out of college for almost a month now. Fortunately, I’m doing research work that I find interesting and absorbing. But yesterday, I found myself feeling more down and bored than usual (I think it was because of the lack of caffeine).

Then I got to thinking, out of the blue, what if I write a blog?

So here it is. In a sense, this is a personal knowledge journal. The idea is to document my own thoughts and reactions to the materials I read or see, connect them with theories and ideas that I am already familiar with, and categorize these new ideas. I read somewhere that one must structure one’s knowledge in order to effectively learn. It has been my frustration, for quite some time, how I end up forgetting the stuff I encounter. Discussing ideas with other people had an enriching but limited effect. Hopefully, this will help.

At the very least, it can compel me to go through the stack of unread books in my shelves.